| Photographer

I assume that I am not the only one who's real interest in photography started with a class in school. At this point in time with the old Voigtländer B of my mother. I am not quite sure if it was about me or about the camera - out of my rememberance my marks weren' t that good, but enthusiam aroused. And back to the Voigtländer B and the photography class: the B/W pictures, the darkroom experience and the all manual settings of the camera - these were the basics of photography, which I learned in this environment and I leverage on all these basics since today.

My first own camera was a Canon AE-1 (unfortunately not a Programm, that must have been a misunderstanding of Santa Claus). Some lenses came in the bag, and I willingly carried the additional weight... but I eventually changed to an Olympus IS-200 Compacr. Reduced weight and comfort were for a certain time more important (even today I have the feeling that a compact would be a better option from time to time (edit in Sep 2009: Olympus Pen E1 is now the chosen alternative however more and more often occupied by my daughter !) - unfortunately we (collectively with my wife Netti) sunk this masterpiece in the tidelands of the North Sea. And although this was already at the dawn of the digital age - I had a short liasion with Minolta.

I entered the digital world at the point in time, when I saw the first acceptable print of a color printer - afterwards the excuse : " What should be so exiting about pictures which I can only view at a screen" was no longer valid. The first digital was a carefully chosen premium received with a newspaper abo with 640×480 Pixel. And subsequently the - most likely rather common - rush: Jenoptik Compact, Pentax Optio Compact, Minolta Dimage 7i, Canon 300D, 350D and finally in 2007 the full frame Canon EOS 5D (without any "Mark") which was - after five (!) years - replaced by a Mark III recently and I am still wrestling with this leading-edge piece of technology.

In the bag

I stand behind my first love - although I tried some other brands over time and could definitely work also with a Nikon equipment. Today I am using:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III

  • Canon EF 24-105mm L, F/4, IS, USM

  • Canon EF 17-40mm L, F/4, USM

  • Canon EF 100-400mm L, F 4.0-5.6, IS, USM

  • Tamron 90mm F2.8 Macro

  • Canon Speedlite 420 EX II

My favourite subjects

I am shooting everything which can be captured spontaneously and without too much technical effort: animals, people on the street, nature. To extend my portfolio I shoot events from time to time - everything else is way too complicated. Things which I can not take at all: family fesitivites and the typical "documentary" snap shots - my family doesn't like that too much.

What else...

I am born in 1964, married for ages and I have two great children (all mentioned show up occasionally in my pictures). I am sure you will be able fo figure out my company... and we lived happily in Malaysia from 2005 to mid of 2009 - that's why there are so many pictures around Asia